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Apple TV Remote Stand

Walnut Stand for the Apple TV Remote
You're going to lose your remote. We made this little walnut stand so your Apple TV remote always has a home. Peace of mind. Fits the 2nd generation (aluminum) remote only.
Apple TV Remote Stand is currently on backorder and will resume shipping in a few weeks.
Handsome Materials
Walnut with lacquer finish.
The Remote Stand is milled from a piece of solid walnut, and hand finished with shellac and lacquer. The stand is small enough to go unnoticed in your living room, yet the quality is evident upon close inspection.
a hand holding a fine finished walnut wood.
Will stick to nearly any flat surface.
The bottom of the Apple TV Remote Stand features a micro-suction pad that uses tiny suction cups that will adhere to nearly any flat surface without leaving a gooey residue. So, feel free to attach it to your finest furniture.
the bottom of the Remote Stand showing a detail view of the bubbles of the micro-suction pad.
Made in Austin
Manufactured locally.
The Apple TV Remote Stand is produced right here in Austin, TX. The walnut is sourced, then planed, milled, sanded, and finished. Final assembly and packaging is done by either Tom or Dan, usually while listening to podcasts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Simerly (Street, US)
Love the Apple TV Remote Stand but…

Here's a feature request: Could you make another version with a 3/4" opening from front to back?

Here's why: You can pair *only one* Apple TV remote with an Apple TV. If someone else in your family wants to also have a remote, then they need to scrounge around for where you might have left the original, or perhaps someone left it with no remaining juice. So, there are plenty of reasons to have a second ATV remote, but all of the non-Apple secondary ATV remotes are 1/2" to 3/4" from front to back because they require batteries and won't fit in the version you sell for the Apple OEM remote. Thanks!

Mark Bramhill (Oxford, US)
Nice Idea, But Not Secure Enough

The idea for this is great — the Apple TV remote is easy to lose, and its curved back makes it wobble loudly on a table. Having a space for it to live is helpful.

The cutout for the remote is not precise for the shape of the remote; rather, it has parallel edges. The remote leans back slightly, catching on the front lip and being held like a lever. This means it's not as secure, though much easier to quickly put in/pick up — a very fair design compromise!

HOWEVER, the inset is just too shallow. Bumping the coffee table slightly sends the remote tumbling, and cats can easily knock it over by brushing against it (and you know they will!). My partner was skeptical of the concept to begin with, and hates the execution.

The materials and quality are excellent, as you'd expect from Studio Neat. But I have a hard time imagining how this could work for most homes without some design rethinking.

Jon Wark (Hopkins, US)
Love it.

I have one of my Apple TVs hooked up to a small TV in the kitchen and i just needed something for this one remote. It’s perfect. It looks like it’s made for it and the stand stays in place. The price is right on point too! My only recommendation is that they make it in black too.

Stephen Klinck (Philadelphia, US)
Such a perfect little object

I never knew my Apple TV remote was missing a home until I got this little stand. Such a great little product.


Does not hold the remote very securely at all. It looks nice though