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Mark Two

A minimal and durable pocket pen
Mark Two is a custom machined, all-metal pocket pen small enough to take with you, but extends to a full length when in use. Built to last a lifetime, it comes with a special mini version of our favorite rollerball refill.
Mark Two is backordered for US orders and will resume shipping in a couple weeks.
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Nothing extraneous.
Mark Two was designed to be minimal and beautiful. There are no logos or excess ornamentation, and the seam on the body (to unscrew and replace the refill) is completely hidden by a post-polishing process. The black cerakote sleeve has a slightly textured, matte finish, and the body is polished and smooth.
The tip and clip of Mark Two.
Take it with you.
Mark Two is quite short when sleeved, making it an ideal pen to carry in your pocket or purse. However, the magic happens when you post the sleeve on the body. Due to a clever bit of engineering, the pen elongates to a full length when posted. And when you are ready to cap it again, the body slides into the sleeve with a satisfying magnetic closure.
The Mark Two in the long mode and the short mode.
Made to last a lifetime.
If you’re going to be carrying a pen around every day, it needs to be durable. Mark Two is made entirely out of stainless steel. The outer sleeve is coated with Cerakote, a robust ceramic-polymer coating that wears beautifully. This pen should last a lifetime.
A cut away detail of the Mark two construction.
A mini version of the beloved Schmidt.
We were delighted to discover Schmidt makes a mini version of their amazing P8126 rollerball refill, identical in every way except the length. Perfect for a pocket pen. The Schmidt P8126 mini is what will ship with Mark Two, but our pen will also accept a Fisher Pressurized refill, which is very popular in the EDC community and a great option as well.
The  Schmidt 8126 mini and Fishcer PR4 ink refills.


  • Dimensions. 96 mm sleeved, 130 mm posted. 11 mm wide at widest part.
  • Weight: 46 g (1.6 oz)
  • Stainless steel body and sleeve.
  • Sprung steel clip.
  • Sleeve and clip coated with Cerakote, matte finish. See technical specifications for Cerakote.
  • Included Refill: Schmidt 8126 mini. Black ink with 0.6mm tip diameter. Mark Two will also fit a Fisher pressurized ink cartridge, not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mannie L. (Easton, US)
Like it but …

The pen is really well made. It has a bit of weight to it which I find great in my hand and it writes well. However, I find the pen to be a little annoying when the “cap” (not sure what to call the part that covers the tip of pen) when placed on the pen tends to come off every now and then as I’m writing. Not a deal breaker but it becomes really annoying when I put the pen down and both parts separate when I intend for them to stay together. It happens more often than I would like to admit and it gets aggravating after a while. I tried using the Mark Two without it but I find the pen to be a bit short for my liking. I find it better to use when both parts are connected giving it a more fuller length. Could there be a version 2 of the pen where the cover is held in place magnetically? Just a thought. Other than that, I really like the product!

Boguslav Yanishen (New York, US)

Wish it was magnetic to on both sides of the pen.

Mark two


George F (Thessaloniki, GR)
Unique writing instrument

It's a well-designed instrument that is based on minimalism and robustness. One-of-a-kind pen, you will definitely enjoy it. Definitely recommend.

( There are some comments about the material of the pen that is stainless... and not titanium that made me think before I buy it BUT the stainless factor gives a solidity and robustness that make it unique)

Phillip Bowden (Manhattan, US)
Favorite pen ever

This pen is wonderful. Great build quality and form factor, and so well made. My daily carry pen now