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Mark One

Limited Edition: Iridescent Purple
This limited edition of the Mark One features a 3 layer, “iridescent purple” Cerakote coating on the body and a blue and purple PVD polished stainless steel knock. Available for a limited time, then it will never be produced again.
Ships in about eight weeks.

The Details:

  • Limited edition, when they’re gone, they’re gone.
  • Aluminum body with 3 layer Cerakote process: base color, iridescent flake, top clear coat.
  • The coating has an iridescent color change depending on light angle. The base coat is navy blue, and flake coat is purple, so depending on the light angle the color changes from blue to purple and back again.
  • The polished stainless steel PVD knock has a specialized process that creates a blue to purple gradient where no two knocks are the same.
  • Comes with a black Schmidt P8126 refill.
  • For details about Mark One, refer here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marc Reed (Bayside, US)
A Couple of Things

I do absolutely love the color of this pen but there are two items of contention. First, I thought it would be more sparkly with the metallics and for some reason it seems to be a dust magnet. Every time I pick it up there's a little something on it.
Just two nits on an otherwise beautiful edition.
I agree with Mr. Garner about the knock not fitting tighter.

TSap (Williamsport, US)
Forever Pen

I am really enjoying the Mark One limited edition iridescent purple pen. It really shines under the light. It is my new forever pen!

Michael Garner (Midway, US)
Great Looking, Not as Good as Other Mark One pens


Overall I really like the purple Mark One. It looks fantastic. I didn’t get in on any of the other special editions, but I feel fortunate to have the purple version. I have several black version and white versions. The only thing lacking to me is that there is a bit of a rattling sound if you shake the pen. This comes in the area where you depress the button to get the ink cartridge out for writing. My other Mark One pens are silent when shaken in a similar manner. I tried to tighten the assembly, but it still makes the rattling noise. If I take that assembly out of the purple pen and one of the others the assembly for the purple pen rattles while other does not. It’s a shame because the fit and finish of the purple pen is just s flawless as the previous models. Despite that, I still love the pen.

Alexander Charner (Atlanta, US)
I love my Limited Edition Mark One

So far, every aspect of using this pen feels right. The ink flows beautifully, the click to start writing or drawing is really satisfying and the 007 purple finish is gorgeous. Thank you for your focus on design execution. This was me: