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Mark One

A Minimal, Durable, Retractable Pen
Mark One is a custom machined, all-metal, retractable pen with a ceramic based exterior coating for long lasting durability. It’s built for our favorite rollerball refill, and has a satisfying-as-heck custom click mechanism.
Looking for ink refills? Get them here.
The perfect pen to match an already great notebook.
It’s literally seamless.
Mark One has a completely seamless design, which was quite an engineering feat. The pen has no excess ornamentation or logo, and comes in two colors: black or white. The metal plated nocks provide a nice little accent to each, and give Mark One a sophisticated look without looking overly tactical.
The tip and end of Mark One with no seams.
Made to last a lifetime.
Mark One is incredibly durable. It is made entirely out of metal, including the custom click mechanism. The pen is coated with Cerakote, which is an extremely durable ceramic-polymer coating (technical specifications for Cerakote). It gives the pen a really nice, matte feel. This pen should last a lifetime.
A cut-away of the all metal construction of the Mark One body and mechanism.
A completely custom click mechanism.
There are many off-the-shelf click mechanisms we could have used, but none of them were quite right for what we wanted, so naturally, we made our own. It is made entirely out of metal and, as far as we know, it is the only all-metal mechanism on the market that has an actual “click” action. It is satisfying as heck to click.
The five complex parts of the Mark One mechanism.
Built for an amazing rollerball refill.
Mark One ships with our favorite refill, the Schmidt P8126 rollerball. This is a fantastic cartridge; the ink flows smoothly and dries quickly. However, Mark One will accept any Parker-style refill, which means there are many options for pen cartridges that our pen will accept. This list from Well-Appointed Desk is quite comprehensive. Purchase more refills here.
The small Schmidt P8126 ink refill on it's side.


  • Dimensions: 128mm long, 11mm diameter. (5in x 0.43in)
  • Weight: 25 grams (0.88oz)
  • Aluminum body and mechanism. Nickel and copper plated aluminum knock.
  • Cerakote coating, matte finish. See technical specifications for Cerakote.
  • Included Refill: Schmidt P8126. Black ink with 0.6mm tip diameter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Randolph P. (Chino Valley, US)
Great Pen!

The Mark One Pen is awesome! Built like a tank and writes perfectly. The design looks great and feels terrific in the hand when writing for long periods. I can't say that for other pens. 5 Stars!

Ty P (San Diego, US)
Almost Perfect Pen

If the Mark One had a clip, it would be my perfect pen. Still, it is my perfect desk pen, my Go To pen when I am sitting at my desk.

Someone might ask if I wanted or needed a clip, why not buy the zMark Two?

The first standout features of the Mark One are its white option and its mechanical button.

Since the iPhone 6, I’ve always purchased a red, black and white case. But since the iPhone X, I noticed I primarily use the white band. The white color is a major feature which matches the pen with my iPhone case, Apple Watch band, Apple Magic Keyboard case… even my HydroFlask.

If only it had the clip featured on the Mark Two!

I neglected to mention that this pen, (both pens, actually), write with a refill that writes as smoothly as any jell pen on the market.

That is one of the reasons why I was looking to replace my collection of Lamy CP1 pens, also metal pens, which skip so badly that I found myself constantly needing to borrow someone’s jell pen.

This pen is special, including the ability to put in a Fisher Space Pen cartridge, if you want to!

Tyler Esselstrom (Mercer Island, US)

Mark One

Matt S (Chicago, US)
Great feel, small rattle.

The pen has great balance and feels good in my hand. It writes well but I would prefer a 5mm pen point but 7 is ok. The only complaint would be that there is a small rattle. Would not expect that with a pen at this price point.

E Brandon (Charleston, US)
I love this pen

So I’m big fountain pen guy, but this is the one roller ball that makes me very happy. The weight is perfect. Feels great in the hand. Writes well, looks good. Couldn’t be better. Thank you!