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A Notebook Meant to Be Kept
Keepbook is a hardcover, layflat notebook, made of quality materials and thoughtful details. Comes in three versions, and includes a sturdy slipcase for archiving when you’re finished.
Opens Flat
Thanks to the sewn signature binding.
No one wants to be fighting against their notebook when they are trying to use it, so a layflat design is essential. The binding style differs from traditional “case-bound” hardcover books in that it can be opened fully, 180 degrees, and it stays open. Now all that’s left to do is let your creative energy flow.
A keepbook on it's side showing it laying flat.
Quality Materials
Sweating the details.
We paid attention to every last detail in this notebook. The paper is super high quality, and performs well with a variety of writing instruments without smudging or bleeding. The covers are wrapped with a dark gray “leatherette” material that has an amazing soft touch feel. Even the woven bookmarker ribbon feels high quality. We think you will appreciate all the care and attention to detail we put into this thing.
a detail view of the keepbook showing the material details.
The Keepsake
A notebook meant to be kept.
Keepbook comes with a slip case, which is meant to be the final resting place for your notebook. You can write on the spine to catalogue the notebook, and it looks awesome when you line several up on a shelf. We think if you are pouring your heart into your creative work, you should keep your notebooks, as a marker of memory and progress.
a row of keepbooks on a shelf in their sleeves with writing on them.