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A Notebook for Your Desk
Panobook is a panoramic notebook for your desk, and eventually, your shelf. Made of quality materials and thoughtful details, and includes a slipcase for archiving when you’re finished.
Simply put: I love this notebook. I have no interest in keeping any other notebook on my desk.
Designed for your desk.
The unique panoramic format (160 mm x 288 mm) of Panobook is designed to sit nicely on your desk, either in front of, behind, or next to your keyboard. We wanted to create a notebook that was always open and always within arm’s reach. The wide format is fantastic for a variety of uses, and gets the creative juices flowing.
the Panobook in front of a keyboard sitting on a desk.
Dot Grid
Featuring subtle guide markers.
Every page of Panobook has a very subtle dot grid, with a twist. We’ve included guide markers that make it easy to quickly draw three rectangles on the page, sized ideally for smartphone UI design or storyboarding. We also included edge guides to divide up the page and provide layout cues. The guides virtually disappear if you are not looking for them, but are very useful when you need them.
a detail view of the dot grid markings. In particular a right angle icon denoting a corner.
Quality Materials
Sweating the details.
We paid attention to every last detail in this notebook. The paper is super high quality, and performs well with a variety of writing instruments without smudging or bleeding. The front and back covers are rigid, with an amazing soft touch feel. Panobook is bound with a robust wire-o binding, which allows the notebook to sit flat when opened. We think you will appreciate all the care and attention to detail we put into this thing.
a detail view of the leatherette texture of the cover material.
The Keepsake
A notebook meant to be kept.
Panobook comes with a slip case, which is meant to be the final resting place for your notebook. You can write on the spine to catalogue the notebook, and it looks awesome when you line several up on a shelf. We've noticed a tendency among designers to hang on to their old notebooks, and Panobook helps facilitate that.
Panobooks on a shelf next to books. Each labeled with the date and description.


  • Page size: 288 mm x 160 mm (11.34 in x 6.30 in)
  • Grid spacing: 5 mm (0.20 in)
  • 50 sheets, 100 pages
  • Paper: Soft White 100 gsm
  • Covers: Leatherette Polyurethane on black rigid board
  • Title Sheet: Soft White 200 gsm with color ink flood
  • Binding: Black Wire-O
  • Rounded corner radius: 6 mm (0.24 in)
  • Slipcase: Rigid board wrapped in 120 gsm paper
  • Typeface: Verlag, by Hoefler & Co.
  • Made possible by 3,623 backers on Kickstarter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Yenra (Frederick, US)
Superb Analog Addition to a Digital Workspace

Luxury canvas for jotting, good friction for pencil (graphite & color), my Panobook gives me a real-world place to mark my thoughts, a grounding patch of ground at the boundary between digital and analog.

Excellent Quality

Very functional with high quality paper-innovative when used in landscape. I love that it comes in a case that you can write a start and end date-it serves as a journaling tome of one's life. Improvement would be to double the number of pages to 100 or 200. That way it would last, 3 months for me, before using a new journal. If the pages don't increase, I probably won't buy it again.

Brian Doherty (El Cajon, US)
These are the best

These notebooks are essential to my desktop organization! I use them vertically, on the right edge of my desk. Notes on paper stay visible no matter how many tabs or windows are open! The high-quality paper is a joy to write on. Thanks, you guys.


It’s a very high quality notebook. I feel like I can open and close it and it’ll start to get a nice crease which gives it character. The weight and thickness feels good in your hand.

Joseph Suchocki (Onekama, US)

The books are perfect for desk work and meetings.