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Material Dock

Wood Docks for MagSafe
Turn your MagSafe connector into a stationary dock for your iPhone. These bring-your-own-cable walnut docks create a lovely place to charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch.
Cables and wall plugs not included. Looking for the original Material Docks?
Many Options
Pick a dock to match your gear.
We offer four different versions of the Material Dock, depending on what combination of iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods you have. So there is something for everyone. The docks are compatible with every Apple Watch, any MagSafe compatible iPhone, and any AirPods with a Wireless Qi or MagSafe case.
a top-down view of all options of Materials docks.
Keep It Stationary
Turn MagSafe into a dock.
MagSafe was designed to stick to your iPhone — it is magnetic after all. These docks use the magic of micro suction to keep the MagSafe charger and the dock itself secure to your nightstand or desk, essentially turning MagSafe into a stationary dock.
Lovely Materials
True to the name.
The base of the Material Dock is milled from solid walnut, and given a matte finish. The backing Apple Watch piece is made of molded cork, an extremely bio-friendly material. The materials provide a lovely contrast to the glass, steel, and aluminum of the iPhone. Since the Material Dock base is made from solid wood, each one has a unique color tone and grain pattern.

Dock Comparison

Contains a place for: For Charging:
Solo 1 MagSafe iPhone or AirPods
Duo 1 MagSafe and 1 Apple Watch iPhone and Apple Watch
Duo Upright 2 MagSafe iPhone and Airpods (or Two iPhones)
Trio 2 MagSafe and 1 Apple Watch iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch
All Docks are BYOC (Bring Your Own Cables and Chargers). Some assembly required.