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A Panoramic Scratch Pad for Your Desk.
Panopad is a low profile, large format sticky pad for your desk. Made of quality paper and a thoughtful dot grid, use it as a scratch pad or to stick your ideas to the wall. Comes as a 2-pack.
Designed for your desk.
Panopad is the same size as Panobook, which is designed to sit nicely on your desk, either in front of, behind, to next to your keyboard. We wanted to create a scratch pad that is always within arm’s reach. The wide format is fantastic for a variety of uses, and gets the creative juices flowing.
the Panopad in front of a keyboard sitting on a desk.
Dot Grid
Featuring subtle guide markers.
Every page of Panopad has a very subtle dot grid, with a twist. We’ve included guide markers that make it easy to quickly draw three rectangles on the page, sized ideally for smartphone UI design or storyboarding. We also included edge guides to divide up the page and provide layout cues. The guides virtually disappear if you are not looking for them, but are very useful when you need them.
a detail view of the dot grid markings. In particular a right angle icon denoting a corner.
Sticky Pad
Put your ideas on the wall.
It is unusual to have a sticky pad this large, but it opens up some creative possibilities. Stick your ideas on the wall behind your desk, or around your office. It’s great for rearranging storyboards, flows, etc. The large format is also ideal for a collaborative environment. The pages will stick best to smooth surfaces, like a window or whiteboard.
a detail view of peeling a page off the Panopad.


  • Page size: 285 mm x 165 mm (11.2 in x 6.5 in)
  • Grid spacing: 5 mm (0.20 in)
  • 30 sheets (comes in a 2-pack)
  • Paper: Soft White Wood-Free 100 GSM
  • Binding: Adhesive backing strip.
  • Rounded corner radius: 6.35 mm (0.25 in)
  • Typeface: Verlag, by Hoefler & Co.
  • Printed and bound in Zhejiang, China.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Rob Brown (Baytown, US)
Very utilitarian but stylish

I bought these pads to be able to move away from the small yellow sticky notes that would litter my desk at the end of my day. These are great for jotting down notes that need to be captured but maybe don’t rise to the level for my Panobook.


Beautiful paper. Well-wrapped and packaged.

Shannon Ritter (Slidell, US)
Smaller than expected

The pad is a great quality paper and I like it. However, I should have read the entire description instead of looking at the pictures. I thought this was at least double the size it is.

Sean Masterson (Marion, US)
panopad review

I love using this pad. It makes keeping all my notes on my desk clean and neat.


Nice size on my desk. Great to doodle on!