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Kind words about the Glif:
In a world of increasingly complex and complicated iOS device accessories, the Glif is a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t have any obnoxious branding, and it has an economy of design on par with Apple’s own governing aesthetic. [...] You just can’t find a better iPhone 4 accessory than the Glif for $20.
The New York Times

My favorite iPhone 4 propper-upper/tripod thingamajig.
John Gruber

It is not the first tripod mount for the iPhone, nor will it be the last. It is the best though.
The Brooks Review

In both positions, the Glif functions perfectly as advertised, and is the perfect solution for tripod mounting an iPhone 4.

The best $20 piece of plastic your money can buy.

One of the coolest contraptions designed for the iPhone 4. Simple and elegant.

The sidekick your iPhone 4 deserves.

The Glif has been celebrated for months now as an innovative object in both design and in crowd-funding, and Core77 is proud to have it represented in our inaugural design awards program.
Core77 Design Awards

Kind words about the Cosmonaut:
The Cosmonaut exudes quality. Writing with the Cosmonaut is satisfyingly firm and perfectly controlled, and it glides over the screen perfectly. I can’t really describe the gliding feel any better: it’s just perfect. The Cosmonaut is the only capacitive stylus I’ve wanted to use for more than thirty seconds. The others were novelties, but this is a truly useful tool. It’s excellent, and I’m going to start bringing it in my computer bag.
- Marco Arment

In my opinion, this is currently the best iPad stylus available; comfortable, accurate and good-looking, too.
- Gigaom

An iPad stylus that actually writes well.
- Fast Company

Easy on the eyes and easier on the hands.
- Gizmodo

This is easily my favorite capacitive stylus.
- Tyler Sticka

Given its size, we were surprised at just how precise Cosmonaut is. Writing within the lines of a notebook-styled page in Penultimate was impressively accurate and legible, without having to put in an overly concerted effort. The stylus is also quite comfortable to hold and to use, with the rubber providing a very nice texture.
- iLounge

Kind words about Frameographer:
I’m thoroughly impressed by how Studio Neat managed to turn stop motion into a streamlined process that takes advantage of the iPhone’s hardware to produce great results. [...] Its $2.99 price tag more than justify the purchase — personally, I can say I’ve been having fun making time lapse movies using Frames’ easy-to-understand menus and options.

The app is simply a joy to use. I downloaded a few other time-lapse apps just to see how this compared and all I can say is that this is far superior to the apps I tried.
The Brooks Review

Best app I've seen so far this year.
Dan Benjamin

It strives for simplicity and hits the spot. There’s nothing in this app that isn’t necessary and useful.
Cult of Mac

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