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Pen Tray

Walnut Desk Tray for Your Pen
Give your Mark One a lovely home on your desk. Milled from a solid piece of walnut, right here in Austin, Texas.
Handsome Material
Walnut with a matte finish.
The Pen Tray is milled from a piece of solid walnut, and hand finished with shellac and lacquer. Since it is made from solid wood, each one has a unique color tone and grain pattern.
a closeup of walnut wood grain.
For Your Desk
Give your Mark One a home.
A subtle carve out in the center of the tray is the perfect size for your Mark One. Now your favorite pen has a home on your desk, always within reach.
a mark one sitting in the pen tray.
a icon of the state of texas
Made in Austin
Manufactured locally.
The Pen Tray is produced right here in Austin, TX. The walnut is sourced, then planed, milled, sanded, and finished. Packaged in our office, usually while listening to podcasts.
a detail view of milling.