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Mark One Custom Program

We offer customization of our Mark One pen for orders of 100 units or more. We will guide you through the process of creating a Mark One that is truly custom made for your brand. Perfect for company gifts, resellers, new hire kits, or anyone wanting to make an impression with a thoughtfully designed object.
Engraved Logo
A subtle deboss.
How great will your logo look on the barrel of the Mark One? The logo is laser engraved in the metal body before the Cerakote is applied, giving a subtle and bespoke look. We will help tweak your logo if necessary to make sure it looks great as an engraving.
Mark One pens with custom logos and colors.
Body Color
Choose or mix your own.
Mark One is coated in a ceramic polymer coating called Cerakote, which comes in a ton of colors. However, much like paint, custom colors can also be formulated to get you exactly what you want. If your brand has a specific color, give us the Pantone and we can take it from there.
A set of color chips for Cerakote
Knock Color
Add an accent.
The "knock,” or clicky part of the pen can be coated with a process called PVD (physical vapor deposition, literally vaporized metal). The color options are limited, but look amazing and are very durable.
Knock colors in PVD in a line.
A personal touch.
Every Mark One is assembled by hand here in our Austin studio. As such, we can work together to add any inserts or additional messaging to the packaging. Standard for each order is a custom sticker on the outer packaging, but we can get creative together.
Mark One pens being assembled.

The Details:

  • Base Price: $65 (Minimum Order Quantity: 100) includes the pen body with a Cerakote color of your choice, a silver knock, and a black Schmidt P8126 refill. The base price also includes the standard Mark One packaging with a custom sticker for your edition.
  • Custom Engraving: +$5 (Minimum Order Quantity: 100) Add a laser etched logo to the pen, placed on the end near the knock. Cerakote is applied after the engraving, to achieve a clean, subtle look.
  • PVD knock coating: +$5 (Minimum Order Quantity: 300) If you want a color other than silver for the knock, our PVD supplier offers many metallic color options.
  • Payment: 50% required to initiate order. The remainder upon delivery.
  • Timeline: Completed pens will be delivered 8-10 weeks after we receive the first 50% down payment, barring any unforeseen supply chain slowdowns.
  • Terms: We will order 10% more parts than the quantity you request. This overage is to account for any parts that are rejected during QC. We will assemble as many pens as we can, and you will need to purchase however many we make, which will likely end up being 5-8% over your asking quantity.