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Apple TV Remote Stand

Walnut Stand for the Apple TV Remote
You're going to lose your remote. We made this little walnut stand so your Apple TV remote always has a home. Peace of mind.
Handsome Materials
Walnut with tung oil finish.
The Remote Stand is milled from a piece of solid walnut, and finished by hand with tung oil. The stand is small enough to go unnoticed in your living room, yet the quality is evident upon close inspection.
a hand holding a fine finished walnut wood.
Will stick to nearly any flat surface.
The bottom of the Apple TV Remote Stand features a micro-suction pad that uses tiny suction cups that will adhere to nearly any flat surface without leaving a gooey residue. So, feel free to attach it to your finest furniture.
the bottom of the Remote Stand showing a detail view of the bubbles of the micro-suction pad.
Made in Austin
Our first in-house product.
The Apple TV Remote Stand is produced right here in Austin, TX. In Tom's garage, to be precise. We are using an X-Carve CNC machine to mill the walnut. This is our first product we've produced entirely in house.