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Share and Collect Cocktail Recipes

Highball is an iPhone app for collecting and sharing cocktail recipes. Choose the ingredients, add a description, and create a custom drink image, then share as a beautiful recipe card.
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Customer Reviews

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SmittyRedcard (Durham, US)
Best cocktail app ever!

I’m going to share thoughts about how things could be better in a minute, but you need to understand just how wonderful this app is. You can quickly enter any recipe, and scale it from a half-measure to a single, double, triple, four-ple or five-ple. ;-) In Imperial or metric. There’s a place to enter the source, and you can always go into the recipe and edit the appearance. I’m in the process of doing this: yellow for whisk(e)y-based cocktails, green for gin, red for tequila, etc. Just go download it and see. If you don’t like it, delete it and they will send you five-ple your money back - BECAUSE IT’S FREE!!!

Now, let’s consider improvements. Sorting by base spirit. Sorting by title of drink. Sorting by source. Easier - um, I mean, actually existent - import/export. Collecting drinks together into groups to send to others. Adding drinks from someone else and having a “Friend’s Bar Book” section. Having (in-app) friends to share with. Easily sharing a recipe via social media or print. Rating cocktails. Having riffs off drinks (all riffs would link back to the base cocktail.) Favorites/ratings system for drinks. I could think of others, given more time and cocktails.

These things will probably never happen. The iOS App Store reviews area is alive with people begging for their list of improvements like mine above. But don't think for a minute that this is not a first-class, Studio/Neat-level piece of software. It's clean, feature-rich (sorta), and neat. You should just go get it for free right now. I'm serious.

F. (Warsaw, PL)

Great way to save and freelee access all my favorite recipes. Clean design, visually appealing, best app for home bartenders in my opinion. My only question is - are there any plans to make an android version, I've a lot of friends that would love that.

Douglas McClure (Irvington, US)
I love this app...

Such an easy way to store drink recipes. But more than that, it's gorgeous. I cannot tell you how many people I've shared it with. My only disappointment is that it's hard to find cocktail recipes shared on social media anymore. It was so great, and so simple, importing drinks that other people shared.

It's free. If you are a cocktail person, download it and try not to love it. It's free, so what's the risk?