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Material Dock

Wood docks for iPhone and Apple Watch
On your nightstand or at your desk, it’s nice to have a designated spot to charge your devices. These charging docks come in two versions: one for iPhone, and one for iPhone and Apple Watch.
Material Dock requires official Apple cables, which are not included. Some assembly required.
Two Options
Pick your poison.
Material Dock comes in two varieties: one for iPhone, and one for both iPhone and Apple Watch. So no matter how you roll, you’ll have a spot for your devices. And both docks will fit any size iPhone, from the SE all the way to the Plus.
Minute Adjustments
For a perfect fit.
Both the lightning plug and the back cork panel are minutely adjustable, so the Material Dock will fit your iPhone perfectly, no matter what kind of case you have on it. This actually makes a huge difference when docking in the dark, or one handed.
Will stick to nearly any flat surface.
The bottom of the Material Dock features a micro-suction pad that uses tiny suction cups that will adhere to nearly any flat surface without leaving a gooey residue. This allows you to dock and undock your iPhone with ease.
Lovely Materials
True to the name.
The base of the Material Dock is milled from solid walnut, and given a matte finish. The backing pieces are made of molded cork. All highly recyclable, all from trees. Provides a lovely contrast to the glass and aluminum of the iPhone. Since the Material Dock is made from solid wood, each one has a unique color tone and grain pattern.