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We constantly get questions about the best tripod and / or accessories to use with the Glif, so we created this page as a one-stop-shop for our recommendations.
- Tom & Dan

Small Tripod

UltraPod II

For the price and versatility, it’s hard to beat the UltraPod. Not the nicest thing to look at, but it is lightweight, and features a clever ballhead design.

This Manfrotto tripod is not quite as lightweight or versatile as the Ultrapod, but it is robust and a reasonable price. This is the tripod we use in many of our product shots.

Of course, Gorillapods are always an option. They can be a little frustrating to get the phone positioned exactly as you want, but their versatility is unparalleled.

Travel Tripod

Vanguard VEO 235AB

Travel tripods are tripods that can extend to full size (or nearly full size), but privilege weight and size, as compared to a traditional full size tripod. It is worth perusing the Wirecutter guide to travel tripods. We prefer flip leg locks as opposed to twist ones, so we went with this Vanguard one.

Full Size Tripod

Vanguard ALTA PRO 263AB

In choosing a full size tripod, we went with the Wirecutter pick of the Vanguard Alta Pro, and have been very happy with it. It’s a great tripod. Make sure you order it with the ballhead, if you don’t already have one.

External Microphone


We’ve had good luck with this Rode microphone. You also need this patch cable to connect to an iPhone, and the Lightning to headphone adaptor if connecting to an iPhone 7. iMore has a good guide with some external microphone picks as well.

Lavalier Microphone

Rode smartLav+

If you are shooting a person talking (like a talking head), often times a lavalier is a better option than a shotgun microphone. We have used this Rode Lav, connected to an iPhone, for Kickstarter videos and it’s worked reasonably well. Just need to sync the audio to the video in post production. You can find cheaper lavs, in the $15-20 range, but we have found the Rode sounds better.


Lumimuse 8 LED

Having a bright, external light is useful in some scenarios, specifically mobile journalism (it won’t light the subject in a very “cinematic” way). Manfrotto make a good light, and they offer 3 different sizes (one, two, three) at various price points.


Once you have your accessory, you need a way to attach it to the Glif. The Glif is equipped with three 1/4”-20 threads, which is the standard thread size on most tripods.

If your tripod happens to have the larger (3/8”) thread size, you will need an adaptor, like this.

In terms of connecting accessories, like a microphone or a light, you will have to evaluate the type of connection it has to determine what type of adaptor you will need. The aforementioned Rode microphone, for example, has both a cold shoe and a 3/8” thread, so you could use an adaptor for either of those. If you are going to be taking the accessory on and off the Glif frequently, it might make sense to get a mount that is designed to stay in place, like this.

You can keep that on the Glif, and just slide the microphone or light in and out as needed. Here are a few other adaptors (one, two) that might prove useful.