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How to Follow Us

“Attention” is the most valuable currency on the internet these days. As such, we have a deep respect for yours. We only ask for it when we think we have something neat to show you. With all of the competing noise out there, we try to take a “less is more” approach.

There are many ways to follow along with what we are up to, and they all vary in frequency. Choose whichever suits you; we are honored to have you along for the ride!

Announcement Newsletter

If you only do one thing, sign up for this email newsletter. We only use it for two things: new product announcements, and a one or twice a year holiday sale. Bottom line, you will only get 3-5 emails a year. Here is an example email sent from the newsletter.

Gazette Newsletter

On the flip side, this is our weekly newsletter for our super fans. We send it every Friday, and they are short and sweet. Each issue contains three things: a recommendation from Dan, a recommendation from Tom, and a tiny Studio Neat update, which occasionally will tease new products. The recommendations can be anything: what we’re reading, watching, or just a cool thing we’ve discovered that week. Here is an example Gazette issue.


We recently starting using Instagram, and it is a great place to follow along if you are interested in the “behind-the-scenes” process of bringing products to life. We forego the super polished lifestyle photography seen ad naseum with most brands on Instagram. Expect a frequency of one or two photos a day, at most. Here are some examples, and you can follow us here.


We have great fun recording this podcast with our friend Myke Hurley at Relay FM. We generally chat about the trials and tribulations of running a small indie business, and also cover the nuts and bolts of product design and manufacturing. Episodes are generally 30-45 minutes long and release roughly every two weeks. If you are curious, this is a good episode to sample. You can subscribe to the podcast here.


This is a great channel to reach out to us with quick questions. We also use Twitter to announce new products, podcast episodes, blog posts, etc., so it’s a great place to make sure you don’t miss anything. On the whole, our tweeting frequency is quite low, so we won’t clog up your timeline. Follow us here.


We recently started up a new blog on Medium, which will be the home of our blog posts going forward. We write about a variety of topics, usually either about our business or things relevant to the tech industry. Here is an example post of the former, and one of the latter. You can follow us on Medium here.

Thanks for signing up for the Gazette! We hope you like it.