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On April 28, 2013, we launched the Neat Ice Kit on Kickstarter. At the time, it was a new direction for us; all of our previous products were either directly or tangentially related to Apple. With an amplified level of the usual nervousness that accompanies new product launches, we pressed the big green button on Kickstarter, and 30 days later we had our most funded projected to date. It felt really good to know we could stretch outside of the Apple world and still find success.

Now, over 6 years and a few complimentary products (Simple Syrup Kit, Cocktail Rimming Tray, Highball) later, we have decided to discontinue selling the Neat Ice Kit. The decision was relatively simple, but bittersweet nonetheless. The Neat Ice Kit still sells, just not in large enough numbers to justify placing another order for more parts. Such is the nature of having a company like ours, sometimes it no longer becomes feasible to continue selling a product and we have to say goodbye.

To everyone who backed the Kickstarter or purchased a Neat Ice Kit in the past, we can’t thank you enough for your support. I know we say that all the time, but really, the design process for the Neat Ice Kit was a struggle filled with doubts, false starts, and nearly giving up multiple times. Your support meant the world to us and showed you wanted us to keep trying new things at Studio Neat.

Although we will no longer be selling the Neat Ice Kit, thankfully the clear ice market has grown and matured in the last six years, so you have some options. The folks at Wintersmiths have been making clear ice kits for as long as we have, and they have some interesting options for sale in their shop. If you are looking for something that was a little more, ahem, influenced by the Neat Ice Kit, check out this mold from W&P. Or, of course, just buy a new refrigerator.

On to the next thing!

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