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The new Apple TV has been a long time coming. I have been rocking the 2nd generation 720p version for the past five years, and it is definitely showing its age. Needless to say, I ordered one today.

This new black box is improved in nearly every way from its predecessor, including the remote, which now features a touch pad and a microphone for Siri input. Less heralded is the ability to use the remote to change the volume and turn the TV on and off. For many cord-cutters, the Apple TV Remote may be the only remote they need. This is certainly true for me.

With all of this added functionality, the new remote is surprisingly not much bigger than the old Apple TV remote. In other words, it’s pretty small and you’re probably going to lose it.

Which is why Tom and I made this little walnut stand for the remote. Consider it “home base” for your remote. If you always have a spot for it, maybe you won’t lose it. And the walnut is quite handsome, if you’ll allow me to say. The stand stays in place with a magic “micro-suction” material that holds firm to any flat surface, but doesn’t leave a gooey residue when you remove it. It’s pretty nifty.

This product provides an opportunity for a new approach for us, as we are manufacturing it in-house. And when I say “in-house,” I mean that literally. We are making these in Tom’s garage. We purchased an X-Carve machine to CNC mill these out of raw walnut boards, and each piece will be hand finished by either Tom or me. Making the Remote Stand in-house does not necessarily signal a shift in direction for Studio Neat, but rather just provides another option for products we conceive of that are simple enough to fabricate ourselves. And, like owning a 3D printer, we think having a CNC machine on-hand will do wonders for quick prototyping of ideas.

The Apple TV Remote Stand is available today, and we will start shipping them out next week. If you ordered an Apple TV today (or plan to get one), why not get one of these to go along with it? We think you’ll dig it.

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