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The magnetic induction charger for the Apple Watch is nice. It works as designed; there is never a problem aligning it, and it precludes the need for an unseemly exposed port.

The magnetic connection, however, is not as firm as you may suspect. It pales in comparison to say, the connection between a MagSafe charger and a MacBook, or a Smart Cover and an iPad. If the Watch and / or charging cord are jostled in the slightest, the connection will be broken. This is not too big of an issue if your watch is charging gently on your nightstand, but what if you are charging your watch on the go (with an external battery pack), or you simply want a more secure connection between the charging puck and the watch?

A few weeks ago Matthew Panzarino emailed us a photo of a crude setup: a rubber band wrapped around the face of the watch, holding the puck securely as a sort of seat belt. He had been using the watch extensively during the day and needed to charge while out and about. He wanted to simply throw the charging watch in his bag, and this was his MacGyver’d solution.


Tom and I decided to take a pass at designing a better solution. What we came up with is essentially a clip. It affixes to the puck of the charging cable, and then snaps to the back of the watch with a satisfying click. With the clip in place, it would take quite a force to dislodge the puck from the watch.

We have no idea if anyone wants this thing. But that is the beauty of the modern era we are living in. The clip is 3D printed, and you can purchase your own 3D print directly from Shapeways. You can even choose your favorite color. Apple has two charging pucks, plastic and metal, which are different thicknesses, so make sure you order the correct model for your corresponding watch size and puck style:

Photo of Apple Watch with charging clip.

Close up of the charging clip attached to the Apple Watch.

We’ve been using this thing for a couple weeks and it’s actually quite nice, especially when traveling. The “click” sound ensures the watch is indeed charging safely on the hotel floor on the other side of the room, where of course the only free outlet is located.

We’d love to hear what you think, let us know on Twitter!

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