Tripod Mount & Stand for Smartphones
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What devices will the adjustable Glif fit?
The Glif will fit virtually any smartphone, between 58.4–86.4mm wide and 3.1–12.7mm thick. Some exceptions include “phablets” or phones with incredibly bulky cases. The Samsung Galaxy Note however DOES fit.

Will the Glif connect to my specific tripod?
Yes! The Glif has a 1/4"-20 tripod thread, which is a universal standard, so it will connect to any tripod.

What is included with my purchase?
Each purchase includes the Glif, a 5/32 hex key for adjusting the Glif, and a keychain attachment for always keeping the Glif on hand.
The Glif is a smartphone accessory with two primary functions: mounting your phone onto a tripod, and propping your phone up at various angles. The design is simple, yet out of this simple design emerges countless uses. Mount your phone to a tripod for taking great pictures or making movies. Prop your phone up to watch videos on the plane or check Twitter while you eat breakfast. All of that and more in a compact design that is manufactured in America.

The Glif is made from recyclable rubberized plastic that feels great and plays nice with your phone, and is small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack. It has a 1/4"-­20 thread that fits any standard tripod or camera mount.

The Glif will work with practically any smartphone, with or without a case. Use the included hex key to fit the Glif to your phone. Once sized to your phone, you won't need to make any additional adjustments. The Glif will fit devices between 58.4–86.4mm wide and 3.1–12.7mm thick.

Our little company launched back in 2010 with the original Glif for iPhone 4 on Kickstarter. 5,273 wonderful backers later, Studio Neat was born. We've updated the Glif since then (with the Glif+ and a version for the iPhone 5) but the new adjustable Glif marks the biggest update yet. When you purchase a new Glif, it includes a hex key to adjust the Glif to fit your device, as well as a keychain attachment so you can carry the Glif with you wherever you go.

If you are rocking a naked (caseless) iPhone 5/5s or iPhone 4/4s, and prefer the utter simplicity of the original Glif, it's still available!