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Cocktail Rimming Tray

Tray for rimming a cocktail glass with salt or sugar
Don't trust the bartender at Chili's. The goopy, crusty salt dish covered in fruit flies is not, in fact, the best way to rim a glass with salt for a margarita. Let us show you how.
Fill the Tray
Add a little salt or sugar, depending on the drink, to the tray.
We designed the tray to only require a little bit of garnish. Say goodbye to filling a saucer with salt and then throwing most of it away.
Prepare the Glass
Pro-tip: store some glasses in your freezer.
The condensation will allow the salt or sugar to stick like a charm. Otherwise, use a slice of citrus to coat the rim of the glass in a clean band.
Tap and Rotate
Holding the glass at an angle, slowly tap and rotate, covering the *outside* of the glass in a neat band.
Not only does it look awesome, but coating the outside prevents any of the garnish from falling in the drink when you finish preparing it.