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Simple Syrup Kit

A Kit for Making and Storing Your Own Simple Syrup
A crucial cocktail ingredient, made simpler. The Simple Syrup Kit was designed to take all the fuss out of making your own simple syrup. Just add the ingredients, and shake.
Lines are printed on the bottle to make measurement easy.
Use the included funnel to fill the ingredients to their respective lines. This will give you the ideal 1:1 sugar / water ratio. Then just cap, and shake! The sugar will dissolve at room temperature.
The pour spout allows for a clean, slow pour.
The problem with most bottles is the spout gets all gummed up and crusty over time. We searched far and wide to find a pour spout that avoids this problem.
Date and Type
Each Simple Syrup Kit includes a dry erase marker.
Use it to mark the date you created the batch, and what type of syrup you made. Simple syrup will last 1-3 months, depending on the type.