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Neat Ice Kit

A Set of Tools for Creating Perfect Ice
Your at-home cocktails will never be the same. Use the ice mold, chisel, muddler, and Lewis bag to create a variety of different ice types, each tailored to a specific drink or cocktail.
The Neat Ice Kit has been discontinued, read why here.
The whole design of the kit is well thought out and the tools themselves are built to last. One of the better bar tool sets I’ve come across in recent years.
Clear Ice Mold
The ice mold is where the magic happens.
Taking advantage of the science of how ice freezes, the insulated mold forces the water to freeze from the top down, which creates an ice brick with a distinctly clear top half. All of the air and impurities are pushed to the bottom.
a cut-away view of the inside of the ice mold as it is being frozen. The foam of the ice mold is visible.
Split the Ice
Using the included ice chisel and mallet (aka the muddler), you can split the ice brick in half.
Put the gigantic clear half in a nice rocks glass; the cloudy portion can be used in a shaker or stirring glass when preparing your drink. Continue to break the clear portion up with the chisel if you prefer smaller chunks.
the tip of the ice chisel pressing on a large ice brick.
Crush the ice
Each Neat Ice Kit includes a Lewis Bag, which is an old school way to create crushed ice.
Fill the durable canvas bag with larger ice chunks, and then thwack away with the mallet.
a cutting board with a lewis bag full of crushed ice spilling out of it.

here's what's included

ice molds(s):

Insulation and silicone mold. Single Kit contains one mold, Double Kit has two.

ice chisel:

Splits & carves the ice
(doubles as bottle opener).

lewis bag:

Durable canvas bag
for making crushed ice.


Standard muddler that doubles as a mallet for use with the chisel & Lewis bag.