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A Tripod Mount for Smartphones
The all-new and completely redesigned version of the Glif holds your smartphone securely in portrait or landscape with a quick release lever, and includes three tripod mounts for additional accessories.
The new Glif was worth the wait; it’s a marvelously clever piece of engineering.
Quick Release Lever
It’s quick and secure.
The quick release lever, when opened, allows the jaws of the Glif to move freely, making it easy to quickly load or remove your device. Here is the clever bit: when you close the lever, it automatically tightens around your device, resulting in a super secure connection.
a diagram showing how the lever closing causes the glif to clamp down.
Portrait and Landscape
Shoot in either orientation.
With things like panoramic photos, Periscope, and Snapchat, smartphones have legitimized the once-smirked-at portrait orientation. The Glif has a side mounted tripod mount, which allows devices to be mounted directly in portrait orientation.
the glif holding a phone in portrait orientation.
Build a mobile photography rig.
We want the Glif to be a flexible tool that caters to your needs. As such, the Glif has a total of 3 tripod mounts, which allow you to add additional accessories, like a microphone or light, or our own hand grip and wrist strap.
the glif on a tripod with a light and mic mounted to it.
Fits Your Device
It’s adjustable.
The jaws of the Glif span a wide range, and can hold devices as small as an iPhone mini, all the way up to the largest iPhone with a thick case on it. So rest assured, no matter what device you use or how you outfit it, the Glif will do the job.
a diagram showing the glif an adjust to fit a wide range of phone widths from 58 to 99 mm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brian Tang (San Jose, US)
A Delight to Use!

I’ve been using the Glif for a couple of months now and it does the job. Easy to mount in portrait or landscape. Sturdy when mounted. Fits perfectly on my Joby tripod. Well built without too many moving parts. Highly recommend.

Gene W (Austin, US)
Worth the wait

I lost my original Glif and had to wait several month for the new production run but the new one is perfect. The new clamping mechanism is quite an improvement and make attaching to my iPhone a snap.

E. Smith (Baltimore, US)

I’m surprised this doesn’t have more reviews, because this is one of the best things I’ve ever used. It’s simple, attaches to everything I need to to attach to, and doesn’t take up much room. There is seriously nothing like it.

Douglas McClure (Irvington, US)
The only iPhone tripod mount you'll need

The Glif is a perfect example of Studio Neat's excellence in product design and production. I started with the first iteration, and when this latest version came out, immediately purchased it. They recognized the first version's limitations (new sizes for the phones for example), and the difficulties in adjust the size in the early version, and came up with a new design that worked for new and future designs, with an adjustment system that in retrospect seemed obvious in it's simplicity.

This team does great work