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Keyboard Case and iPad Stand
Canopy is a case for your Apple Magic Keyboard that folds open to create a stand for your iPad or iPhone. Now you can use a full size, honest-to-god keyboard with your device.
Canopy is only compatible with the latest Apple Magic Keyboard that charges via Lightning.
I’m delighted with the Canopy and recommend it highly.
Thin and Light
Just like the keyboard.
The Apple Magic Keyboard is so thin and light, it would be a shame to wrap it in a bulky case. We were fastidious about finding the thinnest and lightest materials, so Canopy is easy to slip into your bag, yet still rigid and robust enough to handle whatever you throw at it. Canopy weighs 6oz.
a side view of Canopy with the keyboard inside floating off the ground.
Device Agnostic
Canopy is designed specifically for the Apple Magic Keyboard, but it will connect via Bluetooth to any device. Use it with an iPhone, an iPad mini, an iPad Pro... Go wild. And because it’s not tied to a specific device, you can continue using it when you get a new iPad.
a Canopy with many different devices on it. A phone, and several sizes of tablets.
Quality Materials
Built to last.
Canopy features a durable synthetic canvas exterior, a microfiber interior, a leather strap, and stainless steel snap. It’s tough on the outside, yet soft on the inside to be gentle to your devices. The Apple Magic Keyboard is attached via micro-suction pads, so it’s held firmly in place, but is easy to remove without leaving a mark.
a close-up view of leather, metal button, and woven materials of the Canopy.

Customer Reviews

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Studio Neat Customer (Dallas, US)
Interesting idea!

It's ok. I'll use it more for protecting my Magic Keyboard than as a stand for my iPad. If you have a thicker case like I do then it won't fit on this Canopy stand. It will be too top heavy as well. If the Canopy could be upgraded to hold cases as well I'd very much appreciate it!